Nathan French

Ultra Runner

E-Commerce Business Owner

Digital Marketer

About Me

Hi, I’m Nathan French

I originally created this space to share my insights, hints, tips and reviews with like-minded people. It seemed only natural to combine my love of ultra-running and travelling together with what makes it possible to do them both while working ‘on the move’. Although I’m certainly not a front runner or about to win any events, I feel I’ve gained a wealth of experience throughout my journey that technically started in 2014 at the Manchester 10k, almost crawling across the finish line in 1h:05mins wearing a pair of knackered old Pumas and football socks, to completing my first 100 mile race in 2019. I have personally found it intriguing and inspiring to hear and read more from runners & travellers like myself.

I would say I started running ‘properly’ in 2016 where I was inspired/forced to run by my then, very new and shiny girlfriend- now fiancé. For most of 2016 that consisted of me following behind her every run like a lovesick puppy. Eager to jump in at the deep end, we entered an event called Man Vs Mountain, which starts at the coast in Caernarfon Castle, Wales, up and over Mount Snowdon and finishes in the village of Llamberis. The course was around 22 miles with over 5000 ft of ascent, a world apart from a couple of years earlier where I was struggling and walking parts of a very flat, tarmac 10k route in Manchester.

To say I’ve caught the bug since then is an understatement and I’ve now completed many other races, from 10ks (with much improved times) to Ultra marathons, taking me all around the UK and as far as Bulgaria, to the mountains of Pirin National Park. Culminating in the completion of the Chester 100-mile race in 2019.

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