Races all cancelled? Don’t despair, there are positives!

Think back to the start of 2020. A new decade, a new year, a new you!

For the runners amongst us, a new race calendar, filling up very quickly!

Chances are that by the start of January you had a multitude of events booked in to keep you active and fit throughout the year. Perhaps incorporated into a holiday or trip away with friends and family.

If, like me, you always overindulge over the festive period. Eating way too much turkey and certainly too many glasses of mulled wine! After all, we’re often asked ‘why do you run?’. My first thought is always, so I can eat and drink as much as I want.

By January 1st I’m not feeling great, my bank balance has taken a massive hit and the only extra pounds I have are around my waist. You’ve started to put in a few extra miles a week, it’s easier to stick to training plans for marathon season that’s fast approaching and you’re starting to look forward to the busy race schedule. Hopefully if you’ve been good then Father Christmas gifted you new trainers and a couple of new outfits to try out too.

Fast forward to April and the whole world has turned upside down, much of the country has been sent home from work, isolated from friends and family. You’re only allowed out for exercise once a day and when you check your inbox, you see another dreaded email from race HQ.

‘We’re sorry to inform you that the event has been cancelled or postponed.’

While it’s certainly the correct decision. You can’t help but feel frustrated that all the training throughout the cold and rain of the British winter has been for nothing.

Don’t worry! There are positives to races being postponed or cancelled. Here’s my top five.


Finally giving your body and in particular that niggly injury time to be corrected.

You’ve had it for months, sometimes years but you’ve never had the break in the race calendar to sort it out. Now is the perfect time. No excuse but to stretch right and build the muscles up!


Your training wasn’t going right, you tried to defer your place to 2021 but the race organisers, wouldn’t let you.

Fear not, you’ve now secured a full year to get the training right and hit your goals.


You’ve filled your 2021 race calendar.

Not only have you already filled your calendar for next year, but better still- It’s already paid for!


You’re not chained to your desk.

Only too often have I been sat behind a desk, watching the heat of the day evaporate knowing I need to run after work when it’s cold and dark because the race is next week. At the moment it’s pick a time, any time!


A chance for a PB!

Last but no means least, the chance for a PB is a very real possibility. You’ve been training a lot more. You’ve cherished your one piece of exercise a day and when we’re back to normality to ready to tear up that race course. Parkrun won’t know what’s hit it!

There you have it. Five light-hearted positives to take away with you in these strange and testing times.

Stay healthy and stay safe.

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